SwissAwa has rights to represent several financing products solutions that revolutionized how projects could be funded.  Lending primarily to retail lenders, and originally focusing on the real estate development market, we have been able to bring remarkably low interest rates to the business of lending.

Combined with an approval process that follows simple yet logical assessment procedures, the  
SwissAwa partners Program has facilitated loans for many businesses that would never have been approved through conventional processes.

We are versatile - we fund projects in a multitude of verticals, such as Real Estate, Mining, Oil & Gas, Film & Entertainment and Infrastructure. 


We are Global - we bank in every continent, and can facilitate deals in multiple currencies. 


We are creative - where most find problems, we find solutions. If there is a way to make it work, we will find it for you.




We are known as a "Wholesale Lender", which means that our template has always been designed to furnish capital to LENDERS, at rates that allow them to add their own "mark-up", and then loan that capital back out at a profit.


If you require an assessment for financing, or if you are a BROKER/LENDER that is in need of a strong finance "Partner" to shore up 65-80% of your Client's needs, then feel free to contact us here. We like working with professional Brokers, and we occasionally hire on Independent Associates who represent Swissawa.


Many Private Lenders are not desperately looking for business. Unlike the Retail industry where there are hundreds of shops competing for the same Client, and are all offering basically the exact same deal, we are able to offer you the best rates, at the best terms. As a result, there is no shortage of Clients wanting what we offer, so I strive to create a better understanding of how we operate, so the process is a more comfortable one for all involved.


What we Offer

We understand each client has a unique situation and realize that a conventional lending institute may not be the answer for everyone. We view each loan as an opportunity to listen to our clients’ needs and provide them with the best solution for each transaction.


Fast, Fair Loans

As a private lender, we are uniquely different from traditional lenders in our ability to find a loan solution for each client’s needs. We take pride in providing fast and easy financing without the typical “hard money” costs.


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