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Eric Maire - Founder & CEO

Eric has a Master’s degree in Mechanics and Information Technology from Switzerland. Today, with more than 29 years’ experience in international business, he founded his first company 20 years ago. He has continued to innovate and explore new ventures since then.

Eric founded SwissAwa with the aim to provide a unique environment for supporting entrepreneurs and all their needs. He assembled an exceptional team of professionals, who can cater to the specific needs of an entrepreneur, in every aspect of their business journey, be it local or foreign.

Eric has founded several successful companies in different countries and is also a board member of multiple organisations both here in Switzerland and abroad. Having worked and lived in cities such as Hong Kong, Moscow, Singapore and Istanbul; Eric has a large network of well-renowned professional contacts in over 40 countries.  

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Chantal Baer - Expert

From Africa where she was born, to Asia where she has lived, passing in Europe where her origins are, Chantal is a world citizen. Arts degree (University of Geneva), postgraduates in marketing and diplomas in commercial law and obligations, Chantal was destined from her youth for the multidimensional world of business. A professional career directed towards marketing in several multinationals: Unilever (Product Manager), Honda (Brand Manager and Dealer Development), Groupe Shiseido and more. In the new emerging economy, the brand has become the corner stone of your business and as it is the case for the 500 world largest companies, the global organization of business is strategically designed around the brand as key resource allowing global strategic approach freed from daily concerns.


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